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Chamil Floorings (chamil2945 LLC) – hereinafter Chamil Floorings (chamil2945 LLC) – will guarantee the installation of products purchased, bought and / or sold in its premises, in accordance with the general conditions that are expressed and that THE CLIENT, individualized in the Obverse of this instrument declares to know and accept in all its parts, signing at the end, as a sign of acceptance, however, the sole invocation of guarantee, will prevail the following terms.


Chamil Floorings (chamil2945 LLC guarantees the correct installation and proper functioning of those products purchased by THE CLIENT in its establishments and whose installation the CLIENT has entrusted and paid to Chamil Floorings (chamil2945 LLC) and the latter has executed it through its Service Facilities Officer HOME SERVICES (hereinafter HOME SERVICES), all of the above in accordance with the following terms.


The guarantee of installation will be valid for 1 year, counted from the date of receipt according to the installation by THE CLIENT -in case there is no such reception, the term will be counted from the date of the order and payment of the service-, and will cover up to the amount actually paid by THE CLIENT for the purchased product and its installation. This guarantee does not cover loss of profit or moral damage, nor does it extend to damages, losses and / or losses that exceed the amount indicated above. To invoke and enforce the guarantee, THE CLIENT must display the corresponding ballot or invoice associated with the Project Number indicated below, and this instrument duly signed. There are special products with an extended installation guarantee policy, the terms of which will prevail. Such guarantees are exceptional and applicable only to certain products, and are differentiated by type of product, brand and model; The terms of these warranties are available on each product.


The installation guarantee will be valid only for the execution of works paid to Chamil Floorings (Chamil2945 LLC) THE COMPANY that appear in the installation budget, if the total budget and the acquisition in the products described for its execution are not paid, The work executed will remain without guarantee. The budget and the guarantee are valid only when the product and the installation has been purchased / commissioned and paid both in Chamil Floorings (Chamil2945 LLC) and the endorsement of the bill or bill of sale of materials and installation services associated with the product is displayed. Present Service Order. Any negotiation or direct treatment between THE CLIENT and the installation contractor will void this guarantee.


This warranty does not respond to damage, damage, malfunction, or aesthetic or presentation problems, or failures that are due – directly or indirectly – to the poor quality or poor condition of surfaces, pipes, walls, partitions, floors, floors , garden, access or any other support or area where the facilities contracted by THE CLIENT are made. THE CUSTOMER must indicate the existence and position of pipes, pipes and / or pipelines (be they gas, electricity, and / or water) in walls, partitions and / or floors of the area where the commissioned works are to be carried out; in case of doubt, it will be the responsibility of the CLIENT to provide the plans of

specialties. THE CUSTOMER must also indicate other relevant conditions that may be adverse and / or that may have an impact on the installation and / or its results, such as possible contraindications, pre-stock or unobservable damages resulting from earthquakes, floods or previous landslides, etc. In the absence of a warning or indication, it will be presumed that the work area is free of pipelines, pipes, and both these and the surfaces are made and / or enabled according to the applicable technical standard, and that there are no unfavorable conditions and / or contraindications to the installation; Therefore, if the installation does not have the applicable standards as a result of such unfavorable conditions and / or contraindications, it will be the sole responsibility of THE CLIENT.


Damages, failures or damages that are the product of a fortuitous event or force majeure (among others fire, theft, earthquake, tsunami, lightning, floods, overflows, popular disorders), are not covered by this warranty. This guarantee does not cover any damages, damages or any deterioration in the installed products that come from blows, misuse or improper use, or that come from excess loads in weight or magnitude, nor the deterioration caused by normal use and / or the course of time; nor does it cover failures not attributable to the contracted facilities service, such as changing supplies (filters, lubricants, batteries, energy, and the like). If THE CLIENT invokes the guarantee once, it will be visited by technical personnel on the ground once and this Service rules out that the failure or damage is covered by the guarantee, and in that case THE CLIENT invokes warranty again, you must pay the value of this second (and subsequent) technical visit; However, if such Facilities Service concludes that the fault is protected, the value of this second visit will be re-bagged to THE CLIENT.


It will be the exclusive responsibility of the CLIENT to take all measures and measures to ensure safe conditions in the area in which the work is carried out, including all actions and warnings that may be appropriate to safeguard any accident or damage to persons and / or property, the foregoing It extends especially to those who live and / or are in the home or place where the installation is carried out.


On rainy days, no installations will be carried out, considering that it is a relevant factor for proper execution, for the safety of the installers and / or for the respective guarantee. The scheduled facilities will be suspended and re-adjusted until weather conditions and / or safety permit, the deadlines are subject to new schedules. It is recorded that the installations are carried out during working hours and days; If the CLIENT requires installation on non-working days or at night, or if it has noise limitations during normal hours, such circumstances will be agreed separately and subject to the respective surcharge.


Storage conditions; The domicile must have adequate space for the storage of all materials, as long as they are received and while the work is found

in action. The custody of materials is the complete responsibility of the CLIENT. Rubble and Damage in The Garden; It is clearly established that a construction site such as those in question necessarily entails damage to the garden, in accesses and places where the work is executed, accesses personnel and / or machinery, and where materials are stored and debris deposited and / or chemical bath. Chamil Floorings (Chamil2945 LLC) does not take responsibility for such damages. Likewise, the CLIENT must have a suitable place to deposit the debris – if it exists – and once the work is finished, the CLIENT must provide the facilities so that Chamil Floorings (Chamil2945 LLC) can dispose of his withdrawal to a suitable place and by An ideal medium.


If the contracted installation requires a municipal (or other) permit, it must be managed, and obtained by the CLIENT at his own expense and cost. Any sanction or fine will be assumed completely and exclusively by the CUSTOMER contracting this service.


Hygienic Services: The CLIENT must provide a bathroom, otherwise hire a public restroom at his own expense; It must also have what is necessary for the installation, and maintenance of such a bathroom